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quote was there are practical limitations on what we can do and we must trust the government to report to us these violation because we can't independently, with our resources, ferret that out. >> warner: and why can't the court fer theatout, verifying the information independently? >> well, there are the obvious issues of resources. i mean, this is a court with a number of judges who all have plenty of busy dunkin' donutses
quote was reported. what we coknow is there are thousands of them and the obama administration has assured us and the public before this came out that it happens infrequently, once in a while. >> warner: now, equally
, hives, or mouth sores to address possible life-threatening conditions. talk about your alcohol use, liver disease and before you reduce or stop cymbalta. dizziness or fainting may occur upon standing. take the next step. talk to your doctor. cymbalta can help. >>> breaking news the the death toll climbing, the shock waves spreading from egypt's day of anger. live with new developments. >>> also tonight, with this little girl's health and life maybe in the balance chris christie makes a decision on medical marijuana, but is it enough? i'll ask her dad. later, anderson's conversation with oprah winfrey about race, justice, and the "n" word. >>> but we begin with breaking news out of egypt. late this evening the country's state nile tv reporting new numbers, at least 33 new fatalities in cairo and alexandria, the two biggest cities 180 wounded. the wounded topping 4,000 since. since wednesday there are more than 600 people killed also new on it's facebook page the egyptian military saying they arrested 440 quote armed men and terrorist unquote. security forces clashing with muslim bro
[ gunshots ]. >> horrible situation. very, very rough day in egypt. joining us now our man in cairo and joins us by phone a member of the opposition a self-described moderate e el hawarwy and arab analyst robin wright at the woodro wilson center. in cairo, many on both sides dead or wounded and squares of churches burned. what's the latest you're seeing on the ground? >> reporter: well certainly a terrible situation on the ground, especially at downtown cai cairo. what happened as you said they called this the day of rage. the muslim brotherhood and aphysical uaaf affiliated organizations were supported to go to the square and when they reached, clashes started and live fires was used. the egyptian government said there were armed people among the protesters and opened fire. the morsi supporters said the government forces opened fire first, but the clashes went on for a long time. there are a lot of people killed. we're getting information, also, from mosques in that area that there are dead bodies in the mosques and one mosque in that square where apparently a thousand people are still trapp
. that really have a lot to meaning to us. we have great sympathy for the fact this is a complicated process that they are going through. what we have asked of the fcc commissioner is more transparency, more engagement. it might be conventional wisdom that broadcasters would want to stop this. i think it is in our interest to accelerate this while still getting it right. this has enormous consequence to the nation that there is a dedicated and healthy broadcast dedicated to broadcasting if we are serious about preserving video on a large scale that is free and local. these things are hugely important to people in the information age, people still care about the big screens and watching their sporting events and getting emergency information and staying up with the news bit it comes from broadcasting. in a very significant way. we gave up a lot of spectrum were from analog to digital. we are being asked for more. it is important to understand the broadband community has twice as much spectrum as we do. they want more of hours. wille most, this auction add to their holdings. it will require yo
of us know this is the true place, the mother ship. [applause] so i wanted to start this morning by paying tribute. the reality tv rush hour-free zone, which is one of its appeals. now, i can't claim and i am not a true native chataquan like many of you, that go back four, five, seeven six generations. in fact, i grew up outside of boston, massachusetts. i am a patriots fan. admittedly behind enemy lines here in buffalo bills territory. but i was born in buffalo general hospital. so, mr. president, i'd like to apply again for citizenship in chaw tack qua nation. -- chautauqua nation. i'm pleased to be discussing diplomacy. i'm glad that chautauqua has decided to spend some time talking about this venerable art, sometimesis understood, stiemsma lined, but always important as diplomacy. i'm a former career american diplomat. i served five presidents between my first job. i was the lowest ranking person in the u.s. government. i was an intern at our ambassador in mauritania in west africa in 1980. until my last job as undersecretary of state in 2008. and you now have the privilege o
of france's goodbye. >> we want the police to keep us safe. >> we have to do everything safe. >> we have to do everything we can to keep a safe. much? to make the area has been be >> tonight. john: "the police state"? america is not a police state the we're pretty free. for the most part but we didn't learn that they grabbed records of phone calls and the males and a and who we talked to the and when i am not that upset i figure might political enemies already spy on me but is duse's slippery slope leading to terrible things. but there was already things that my government does that upset me more. radley balko writes about them in his new book radley balko one dash "rise of the warrior cop." what do you mean? >> call on r&d and undressed and trade like soldiers and military tactics. john: and the equipment tanks, helicopters, . >> guns, and for a long time they were reserved for each emergency situations like the escaped fugitive for the active and schuster or hostage-taking situation. john: you want to go there with power. >> lives are at stake at a think anybody is opposed to using a s
in the u.s. state of idaho. this has raced across 54,000 acres of land ever since it was -- sparked by lightning on august 7. a number of multimillion dollar homes are threatened. sports. another dramatic day in the bundesliga. two clubs in particular it would do best to forget this. 5-1, to hoffenheim, who set up kevin volland and mondeste to score. schalke fell apart against wolfsburg who punished him with three goals in 12 minutes. stephon scored in the dying 0.ments to make this 4- in the second day, hamburg and floated, as we saw. won, pock -- volspog stuttgart lost to leiberkusen. 3-0.uchen beat hanover nuremberg hosts berlin. more on that in a moment. brownscweig.d enjoyed a win over frankfurt last weekend, and even them --ayer overcame spirits are high in the second game against nuremberg. >> the coach has worked his team hard this week. anyas been trying to dispel memories of the 6-1 mauling of frankfurt. >> results like that don't happen often. we have put the match behind us. fans cannot get enough of the scoring side and the record- breaking returns. >> it has been ye
to us if we can learn what the perception is out on the street, if it's different from what we're perceiving. >> the perception out on the street is people on the street don't know what's available at the port for rent, first of all. and i don't think it's advertised probably well enough is one issue. [speaker not understood] perception i got long before i became a commissioner, not something yesterday or the day before. i'm hearing because i'm the commissioner. it's that i've heard it for many years. so, and i don't necessarily like to hear it. i'm just trying to come up with -- understand you guys come up with some ways to improve it. >> over the years i think we have. we strive, we continually look at our process. we continually make changes. so, we're here for you to guide us and help us with that process. and we have committed to look at our website and how we put our vacancies on our website. it works for us, but it might not work for the general public. so, we're going to look at that. and make some changes to that process. ~ >> we certainly as commissioners don't want t
have endured even greater losses. and as the recent attacks of terrorism have reminded us -- our ordeal is not over. --e iraqi and our government the iraqi people and our governmentintend to redeem these losses by building a future worthy of our sacrifices. after decades of dictatorship, three disastrous wars, international isolation, economic sanctions, the displacement of more than one million iraq is, and the deaths -- one million iraqis and the deathsof tens of thousands more, including the latest victims of terrorism, iraq is in blocking is embarking on building its democratic future in building bridges within our society and with our neighbors. as iraqis, as we rebuild our country, the united states will benefit by building a long-term partnership together. we can and must develop what president obama has described and i quote "as a normal relationship between sovereign nations and equal partnership based on mutual interests and mutual respect." --th our diplomatic progress, political and economic progressiraq is taking its ,space of a partner for the united states, for our neighb
that he's using -- bh the zoning administrator was out too far for us to rehear this, that would open up pandora's box for many rehearings, i think he was aware that this process was done and again as our president has said, the cu has already gone through the planning at this point, so i see no reason to break that up. >> we have a motion. >> move to deny the jurisdiction request on the basis that it was not timely and what else? >> i think there's no need to state a basis if you're denying the request. >> okay. >> and i appreciate the effort. mr. pacheco? >> we have a motion from the vice-president to deny this jurisdiction request, on that motion, commissioner fung? >> aye. >> president hwang? >> hao*i. >> commissioner hurtado? >> aye. >> and commissioner honda? >> aye. >> the vote is 5-0, jurisdiction is denied and ?o appeal may be filed on this administrator order, thank you. >> we'll mover on to item 5b which is another jurisdiction request, the subject property is at 3166-16th street, the board received a letter from valencia corridor mer chants association requestor asking that t
using wen two years ago. tell me. does wen really work? ♪ >> i've seen a lot of changes since i first started using wen. my hair's so much healthier now, it's so much smoother, it's so much silkier, and it all starts with wen. >> with wen, it's just like this "kumbaya" product that everybody can use. >> i will never go back to shampoo. never, never, never. i'm a wen girl, so i'm gonna be using that forever. >> whether you have fine hair, thick hair, coarse hair, wavy hair, or curly hair, wen is the secret to getting the sexy, beautiful hair you've always wanted. wen is revolutionary hair care that's designed to take the place of shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner all in one, saving you time working on your hair, and saving you money on all the products you won't need anymore. many ordinary shampoos that lather can use sulfates and harsh detergents that may strip your hair of natural oils but wen is designed to gently cleanse and moisturize your hair and scalp with no harsh stripping agents, making your hair shinier, softer, stronger, full
. a reminder of who is with us tonight. we have someone from the herald tribune, reuters, vanity fair and "france 24's international affairs specialist. for the break, we discussed the ongoing bloodshed in egypt. let's move to lebanon where at least 24 were killed and 300 wounded in a car bomb attack in southern beirut. the blast ripped through a stronghold of hezbollah. it was the deadliest attack for years. comes a month after another attack killed 50 in the same district. it is being seen as further evidence that the war in syria is spilling across its western border. janine, is this a direct result of what is going on in syria? >> syria is in flames. and lebanon is there, so close. it is an hour-and-a-half drive between the root and damascus. also lebanon has a long runni ng history of being terrified of being plednto civ war becae th endured s much. there is a refugee crisis. all of this destabilizes the region and it does not help the exterior is basically divided along the lines of being supported by shias and sunnis in a proxy war. there is no way you can isolate anything that
't have parking impacts. however, in consideration of the land use development in some corridors where parking lot would be significant there would be a significant and unavailable parking impact. in closings i have a few reminders for the record. staff is not here to answer comments today comments will be contributed in the writing document which will be respond to and make revisions. a court reporter is present as well as interpreters. there's no difference to the writing comments all comments will be treated the same way and those will be provided for your consideration before the certification of the financial eir. this is not a hearing to consider the proceeding of the process and they will be before the board of directors. comments today should be directed for the accuracy and adequacy of the draft eir. the sfmta will address those. commentsors should speak slowly and clearly so the creditor can produce an accurate record and you should be addressing your name clearly. after hearing comments from the general public we'll take any comments by the drafting commission. this enhance
collection of conspiracy theories in the u.s. from the colonial era to the war on terror in "the united states of paranoia: a spear si theory." in the great dissent, how oliver wendell homes changed his mind, thomas healey, a law professor at seton hall university, reconstructs the debate from an opponent of free speech to a supporter. christina hoff summer, a resident scholar at the american enterprise institute, argues that society has shifted so much attention to females in the academics it's caused males to fall behind in "the war against boys: how misguided policies are harming our men." jonathan schwartz, professor emeritus of political science at the university of arizona, argues that republicans and democrats have drifted from the common ideologies of freedom and equality that the majority of americans agree with in "common credo." and in "the people's advocate," constitutional trial attorney jan dell sheehan re-- daniel sheehan refounts his roles in the watergate case. look for these titles in bookstores this coming week and watch for the authors in the near future on bo
are continuing to battle a fast-moving wildfire in the u.s. state of idaho. it has raced across 64,000 acres of land. have beenf people evacuated. officials say number of multimillion dollar homes are threatened. the board overseeing the completion of berlin's new airport says it could begin partial operations in march next year. by aroject has been dogged string of embarrassing cost overruns and delays. officials say flights will be limited to a maximum of 20 flights per day initially. chopping down forests does so much harm to the climate that rich countries should pay poor ones not to do it -- that principle has been dealt a blow in ecuador. the government has abandoned a scheme to protect its rain forest. ecuador has been trying to raise $3.5 billion for the project, but says it is only received a tiny trickle of that. the president of ecuador has the country up for drilling. >> the park is a largely untouched natural wonder. chainsaws and bulldozers are set to move in soon, in search of oil. environmental activists say the effect of oil exploration in this part of the world will be deva
the u.s. have in the region? >> we violated our own rule of law by not calling it for what it is because our law clearly states that if it's a military coup then aid is cut off. they had the coup and we didn't do that. that's a blow to credibility. amy: the attorney general takes aim at those con victed of minor drug offenses. >> certain low level nonviolent drug offenders who have no ties to large scale organizations, gangs or cartels, will no longer be charged with offenses that impose draconian mandatory minimum sentences. amy: and hillary clinton laying the groundwork for 2016. >> many americans are asking how do we ensure that the law continues to serve and belong to the people in a time when ideology and gridlock have paralyzed our politics? amy: but is this man conceding anything? covering the week, indira lakshmanan on bloomberg news. pete williams of nbc news. and jeff zeleny of abc news. >> award winning reporting and analysis and covering heft as it happens live from our nation's capital this is "washington week." corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> we
. ♪ ♪ >> laura: hello, everyone. i'm laura ingraham in for bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. why duck dynasty is a winner. that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo. unless you have been living under a rock for the past year, you have heard about a and e's reality show the mega hit duck dynasty. the series follows a wildly successful family-run company in louisiana that manufactures duck calls. on wednesday, the show's fourth season premier shattered cable tv records for reality shows 11.8 million people tuned in. half of those in the critical 18 to 49 demographic. the show also lights up social media and it has its own hugely popular product line. what explains the success? what's the allure of watching a bunch of long-haired rednecks sitting around teasing each other talking about their business, relationships and family lives? there is no nudity. pretty much no foul language. and no celebrity drop-byes. first, this is my theory. the duck dynasty characters are genuinely funny, but it's not always the obvious slapstick stuff. the dialogue can be really ironic, to
obama to cancel annual joint u.s. egyptian militarexercises scheduled for next month. mr. obama, however, did not propose spending the $1.5 billion to the egyptian government for rupturing the u.s. egyptian partnership. and they are at an all-time high in egypt. pro democracy forces are still angry at president obama and the former secretary of state hillary clinton for their initial backing for the former president. mubarak. this is followed by mr. obama's swift and embrace, whom the pro democracy forces blame, for trying to hijack their democratic resolution and to turn it into an islamic republic. and the sentiment was worse for the u.s. ambassador that is now being withdrawn, denouncing the tactics of the forces. and the supporters for their part, they blame the u.s. for secretly blasting them the ongoing support for the government. and the danger now is that the u.s., they have limited leverage at the time of the rising tensions. tensions that could lead to the prolong strikes between the muslim brotherhood and the egyptian government. >> and question on friday, the official death t
the merger between american airlines and us airways. host: good morning, expected in egypt by those supporting the ousted president there. repeated violations of privacy rules by the nsa thomas calling for operations of the program. at a state justice in pennsylvania has blocked a voter id law there. this is in time for the november 5 special election. journal," ahington three-hour program for you. our first 45 minutes is looking at politics, looking to you specifically on this topic am a who best represents your political party? the rnc concluding its summer meeting, talking about its future as far as 2016 is concerned. visits to iowa by joe biden. for the first 45 minutes we want to hear from the people that best represents your political party. divided the lines by political party. if you want to give us a tweet on this topic you can send that our way@c-spanwj. send us an e-mail at journal@c- couple ofurred by a different things. "the wall street journal" has a new writeup about the rnc meeting. the head of the rnc talked a little bit about the 2016 strategy. in this w
wikileaks, the catholic church, and dick china -- cheney. >> joining us on booktv is doug casey. who are you? >> i guess i'm best known as an author, but i've made my living as a speculator in the marketplace. that's probably a fair answer. >> what books have you written? >> i wrote a book in 1976 called "international man." it was a guide book to the world last frontier. a personal freedom of financial opportunity. it became the largest selling book in the history of row a couple of years later. i went there during the war, i do what i always do in these places opened up the telephone book and -- there were two publishers at the time, i called them up and got along with one and became a television and media personality for awhile. >> your book in 1979? >> that was "crisis investing." it was subtitled "project and opportunity in the coming great depression" things got nasty, as you may recall in '81, '82 with 50 and 60% interest rates and gold going to over $8 00 and so forth. it didn't turn to a depression, fortunately. this time thirty years after the fact, the economy is much
. >>> and a dreaded deja vu for parts of the southern u.s. areas already flooded are getting hit with more drenching downpours, and even more rain could be on the way. >>> plus, the super secret site known as area 51 portrayed for years in sci-fi flicks as the government's holding ground for aliens. well, now the cia admits it actually exists. >>> we begin this morning in egypt where for a fourth straight day gunfire is ringing out in the streets of cairo. violent clashes have broken out this morning between security forces and protesters backing ousted president mohamed morsi. it is all happening at a mosque where pro-morsi demonstrators had been holed up overnight. state tv reports the violence began when troops surrounding the mosque heard shots being fired from on top of the mosque, but morsi supporters accuse security forces of firing those first shots. the violence comes at the end of a week marked by rage and bloodshed. our frederik pleitgen is live for us now in cairo. fred, what is the situation on the ground right now? >> reporter: we're getting some information right now that apparently t
. ,, . >>> tonight on "nightline," you have heard of the group-on getaway, right? we set this one up that took us to paradise, but you wouldn't believe what we found ourselves swimming in. >> he tried to sell us marijuana and coke. >> so how can you make sure your next vacation is not a hot mess. >>> and heading to the dominican republic, what is waiting for you when you step off the plane. if you're planning a vacation, you may want to listen up. >>> and for years, it was the world's worst kept secret. area 51, we reveal a newly classified document. so what did the conspiracy theorists get right about the stop secret air force base? >> keep it right here, >>> from new york city, this is "nightline." with juju chang. >> good evening, and thank you for joining us, still looking for that last minute getaway summer bargain? when it comes to good deals, it is tempting to jump. but do you really get what you pay for? earlier this summer, lindsay davis looks into this as "nightline" investigates. >> reporter: oh, the beach looks great. look at the water. it certainly didn't look like what i would consi
preservation and we're to take this money and say bleeding we're going to take it and use it for another city purpose. but i was just thinking another reconsideration of how those rights are used in 2013 and recycle it back. locking more into recircling back into the program. >> so the program has two criteria. so when it was amended to be eligible for t dr they put in the requirements that the revenue had to be used on that specific believe that the t dr was used from. in 2010 there was an amendment to acquire a plan and that was just amended in april. so, now plans are required when your - you can certify t dr but wu you have to should how you're going to rehabilitate your building >> you can use the value of the t dr. >> yes as part of the amendments the most recent amendments the department felt there should be some invested interest in the building of where the t drs coming from. we base that provisions in the code whereas, soon as the t dr is sold from 9 property they have to enter into an agreement of how over the, you know, first year and 5th year how they're go
-year-old turned to us and asked what that means. we discovered for to quickly that that is not an easy concept to explain to a five-year-old. we said, it is something that you believe in, that you spend time on. that and lookut at us and said, kind of like we stand for barack obama? we said, absolutely. [applause] of course, after my wife got done patting ourselves on the back for teaching our five-year- old who the right choice in the presidential race was, i thought about that. what i stand for, what our neighborhood stands for, our communities stand for, and what our state stands for. it is things like an economy built from the middle out. healthcare for everybody. the idea that our communities are stronger because of the bonds we share and the answers to the challenges we face lie in the future and not the past. a lot of times campaigns become about little things, doors to knock, phone calls to make, as on tv, twitter feeds, facebook posts, but everyone should allow campaigns to become about bigger questions. this is one of those campaigns. the question to me is, are we going to continue t
and aggressively gets to the bottom of it. congressman goudi joins us. thank you for being here on a friday evening. let me ask you. when you first heard of this news last night, were you surprised or in line with what you thought was probably happening? >> well, dana, i would like to tell you i'm still surprised when government disappoints and when there's evidence we can't trust people in positions of power but i'm beyond that point. i was surprised at the pervas e pervasiveness of it. thousands of incidents. here's what does surprise me. i know having three branches of government is tedious sometimes. i know that that is disappointing to the executive branch. but i wonder how many of my colleagues in congress were briefed that there were thousands of errors made with respect to this program because i have a sneaking suspicion the number is zero. that's how many of my colleagues were told ahead of time before we had to learn from a leaker to a newspaper that there were thousands of violations. >> so, i believe that congressman rogers office said they did see the memo are regular reports but if t
are risky for the u.s. economy." a threat to jobs. on and on. maybe not. all the warnings that we heard about widespread furloughs, not really materializing. get this, the federal deficit is actually slinking. so is this proof it's time for even more cuts? maybe more sequesters? hi, everybody. i'm david asman. welcome to "forbes on fox." let's go in focus with the man himself, steve forbes, john candy, elizabeth mcdonald. e-mac, more cuts? >> biggest squawkers found way to stop the furlough. transportation, justice, education, pentagon. what they did is cut. even the government biggest union found ways to cut the fat. when the pentagon is doing war exercises because they warn the debt is so big and a threat to national security, if a president added $5 from on his watch and the bond market says the interest rates will go up if we continue to add to the debt, we have to do it now. >> david: rick, we understand that the sequester was arbitrary. a lot of cuts were done in a sloppy manner. if you leave it up to spineless politician in beltway, you won't get anything done. >> i don't disagre
fences for all the people on their way in and all of the other people using the park. and then i myself walked for miles needing a rest room. have you ever walked for miles needing a rest room? and there were no port-a-potties and there were no rest rooms we could find on the outside of the fence. so, more port a potties and rest rooms, please. >> thank you. >> is there anyone else? may. >>> good morning, commissioners. may wong from the excelsior representing friends of the m. first of all, i'd like to thank each and every one of you for supporting our dream to bring more programming to the amphitheater in mclaren park and let the public know we have a wonderful park with wonderful facilities and we'd love to have sir paul mccartney at our -- [laughter] >>> so, as our first show is this saturday, if you're at the opening of cayuga and you're done there, please come up the hill. we'll feed you lunch, and then you can sit back and enjoy the entertainment. so, once again, thank you, thank you, thank you. >> thank you. >> is there any other public comment under the general manager's
for joining us, still looking for that last minute getaway summer bargain? when it comes to good deals, it is tempting to jump. but do you really get what you pay for? earlier this summer, lindsay davis looks into this as "nightline" investigates. >> reporter: oh, the beach looks great. look at the water. it certainly didn't look like what i would consider a tough assignment. >> here are the rooms. not too bad. >> you're about to leave me again, just got back from honeymoon. >> reporter: i had not even unpacked from my honeymoon, when a day later, here i was heading for a beach hotel in the dominican republic. we were about to learn it is possible to go too far off the beaten path when we booked a group-on coupon that would go from sketchy to scary in less than 48 hours. groupon is known for its signature discounts and getaways, two nights in niagra falls, a six-day wine tour in italy. you find great reviews for all of them. but tucked away among them, two nights in the don juan beach resort. as we check in, i try to make sure, i was getting the room i was promised on groupon. >> the j
to radiation based screening need to be, you know, used either in lieu of or in addition to and that's a very personal decision and a medical decision, but that added risk for those women who are already at higher risk from the very -- the detect is a really important issue, so does that answer your question? >> [inaudible]. >> awesome, okay, so schools, i've talked about some changes that can happen at schools but the reason we wanted to highlight this is because we can talk about federal laws, about state laws and it can feel daunting to think about getting involved in legislation at that level, although we try to make that easy for most to do by signing on to online actions and stuff, but for parents with kids, changing policies at schools can be an accessible thing, joining pta's or talking to the school board about having integrated pest management so kids aren't exposed to pesticides on playgrounds, that's been successful. there's a huge movement to get safer, healthier foods into schools and they just revised the school lunch guidelines, but also you could go organic, you could go loca
historians in making my books readable. it's no use writing books if people don't read them. that's one of the great things in life. and libraries are full of histories quietly collecting dust as the decades roll by and nobody takes them from the shelves. one should always remember that. >> host: how many books have you sold? >> guest: have i? >> host: how many books have you sold? >> guest: oh, sold, god knows. millions. i don't know. i have no idea. i don't go -- i'm not a writer who is constantly badgering his publishers to get the sales figures. if the figures are poor, you get to know it sooner or later. people tell you, you know? if they're good, well, you get your royalty check. so, so long as the second is healthy and the first doesn't happen, i'm content. >> host: and finally, paul johnson, what are you currently realizing? >> guest: currently reading? >> guest: well, i am reading quite a lot about fdr, franklin roosevelt, because my publishers have suggested that i might like to write a short biography of him. which is a difficult thing to do because he encompassed a remarkab
anytime at and get the latest updates throughout the week. follow us on facebook and twitter. >> we were right, in my view, to fully fund the military since 9/11, but what we did was we deprived the state department and the u.s. agency of international development of funds. and there is, as a result, an enormous gap between the size and power of the pentagon and the size and power of the state department. i'll illustrate it with two little examples from bob gates who was an outstanding secretary of defense for president bush and president obama. he gave a brilliant speech a couple years ago, and here are two of nuggets. secretary gates, we have more mill tear personnel one carrier battle group, united states navy, than we have american diplomats all over the world. here's another, if that doesn't convince you. we have more members of the armed forces marching bands of the navy, air force, army, marines -- [laughter] true fact, than american diplomats. >> this weekend on c-span, nicholas burns on the history of u.s. diplomatic efforts in the mideast and his call for a return t
full reins to the gym. any time there is not anything going on, she can use it. >> ajaia came up with clinics to make it more fun and rewarding. >> i made up the roll ups. the t-shirts, the logo. they benefit coming in not really knowing what is going to happen. they learn little things about hitting, it's really fun. have actually worked about special education resourceo spread the word. >> really do. that's what i really hope for. when people are happy, i'm happy. >> even when she is happy, she still has to coordinate her hectic everyday schedule. >> the school for homework and going to movies with friends and that kind of things. ajaia is a good student academically and is accepted into a good competitive high school. it's hard with tournaments and the volleyball schedule, her contract with academics, but she does it. >> it's important to me because it keeps me healthy. it keeps me on track. it's also very fun sport for me. >> volleyball is not only a sport that has transformed her body, it has transformed her personality in a certain way as well. >> when i first started, i wa
16th, 2013. i'm shepard smith. for all of us in the fox family, thanks for trusting us for your newsenned info. the o'reilly factor is coming right up. ♪ >> laura: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> to me it's ridiculous to look at that case and not think that race was involved. >> laura: oprah winfrey weighs in on the george zimmerman verdict. wait until you hear what she has to say about the n word. will her words help heal or add to the racial division in america? >> america is not interested in spying on ordinary people. >> also, did the president mislead the american people on the nsa scandal? the spy agency now commits it broke privacy rules thousands of times a year. have they been spying on you? he we will have a factor investigation. >> the first thing that happened to me at the hotel is i got escorted out. [ laughter ] >> why? >> i think it was a facial profiling deal. >> laura: the star of the hit series duck dynasty is thrown out of a new york city hotel because of the way he looked. wait until you hear him tell the story. >> you look like this, you can't hide.
the back was low to the ground traveling across the bridge. sources with knowledge of the probe told us the air springs somehow deflated. the manager of a garage that services limousines emplained what likely happened when the balloons failed. >> these are air springs. so in other words they carry weight on the car. when one ruptured the whole car drops down. so the car with the weight bounced down too hardenedded up hitting the gas tank in this spot, here. might have hit the gas tank then, you can see when hitting the ground creates a spark. >> the spark likely ignited the fire. one chp discovered what caused this fire the agency began an investigation to see if anyone was negligent. they focused on the driver. sources tell us the chp decided there was no evidence to press criminal charges against the two men. then suddenly brown's estranged wife sate two argued on his cell phone before the fire as he was driving. >> i'm sure he could have saved them. you know? >> hernandez broen brown charged her husband was not paying attention. her interview surfaced investigators renud a probe of f
should all use glass but we know what's used out there is plastic, and it's reusable, you can come up with all these ways to avoid it but there's plastic everywhere and it's accessible and cheap, so plastic wrap gets used a lot, there aren't that many alternatives that can do what plastic wrap does, i don't use a lot of it and it's harder to store things long-term and same question applies for the freezer, it's easier to put things in a freezer bag. >> so, a little tip for that is i do admit to using plastic bags, i reuse them and if something is not -- i don't use them for liquids and if something isn't somehow already kind of like a solid or whatever, parchment paper around that and then use the plastic just as the thing that keeps it from leak-proof or if i'm taking soup to work, i have my soup in a glass jar but i will throw it in plastic because i don't want it all over my backpack and there's also more stainless steel options which are a little more expensive but that's a one-time investment, just don't lose it, so a box of plastic bags, it lasts me like three year, parchment pa
is behind us, but the recovery isn't so great. i'm christine romans and this is "your money." first, housing. goldman sachs says all cash deals are half the market right now. wealthy investors, buyers from china, canada, south america, pumping up recent housing data. average americans may be getting priced out. in the second quarter, when you look at this, more than two-thirds of all the homes sold in the u.s. were affordable. for families making $56,000 a year, that's the median u.s. income. but you can see how that affordability is falling. next, the labor market. nearly 5 million net new jobs have been created near the end of the recession four years ago, but look at the jobs that were lost. mostly middle wage jobs right here, and the jobs we're creating, mostly lower wage positions. and finally, cute but costly. children. for a middle-income family is costs $241,000 to raise a child. that's from birth to age 18. that cost has surged 23% adjusted for inflation and includes things like housing, food, health care, as well as toys and computers. those of you in the northeast are probably goi
from things we eat and wear. >> so join us now for this week's "teen kids news." >> welcome to "teen kids news." i'm mwanzaa. >> and i'm siena. we'll start with our top story. >> when is a game not a game? when it starts to take over your life. tyler reports on how to recognize video game addiction and what to do about it. >> today, bobby is on his way to college, but when he was in junior high school, his only goal seemed to be getting the highest score. >> sometimes i would lose myself in the game. >> we would we see him there all day. he would, you know, stop for meals, come down, shovel food in, and run back upstairs again. >> bobby's mom feared that he was becoming addicted to playing. >> and it was like becoming engrossed in this other world. >> kevin roberts knows that video game addiction is possible. it happened to him. >> over 10 years, i played 14,000 hours of real-time strategy computer games. that's like having a job, another job, every year. i didn't achieve any of my goals. i had friendships that fell by the wayside. it was a real problem. >> kevin wrote "cyber junkie"
to the greatest defender of minority rights, we have a lot to talk about. >> are you in a safe place to talk to us? >> no! >> a day of rage as tens of thousands in egypt defy government forces. >> the security forces here with live ammunition. they are firing. >> we are fighting for principle. >> reporter: a snipe order a roof top calmly takes aim, firing into the crowd. >> the demonstrators doing nearly all the dying. >> the egyptian people. >> gunning down protesters. >> i think he's dead. >> head, neck, chest. >> cycle of violence, the escalation needs to stop. >> nobody is safe! >> we begin today with an update on the events in egypt where the bloody stand-off between egyptian military and the muslim brotherhood continues. earlier today, egyptian security forces stormed the cairo mosque, arresting hundreds of muslim brotherhood supporters. military officials also announced they are considering banning the muslim brotherhood. it was previously banned in just a minute for decades during the reign of former president hosni mubarak. this comes amid suggestions that the military has intentionally p
the standard for us. robert, could you just restate the standard and what we're here for? i'm sorry, i have a question for mr. sanchez. i want to be perfectly clear here because something one of the public comments stated confused me and the statement was along the lines was, if the letter of determination -- let's just say hypothetically we grant the request, we have a hearing and we push back the other hearings on the merits of the permits. if in the end after hearing on the merits on the lod we determine that the lod was improperly issued and that was an error on your part, then what are the implications, and would they need to go through -- would those permits that have been issued be undone or how does that work? >> so, assuming that we would have a hearing on all three items together, if the board found the letter of determination was improperly issued, that jack spade is a formula retail use, i would suggest to you at that hearing you also deny those building permit applications that establish the use and you would allow them to refile within one year if they were to receive a condit
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